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Key Kids

Ring Bearer : Dylan Robert GrahamDylanPreSchoolGrad

Dylan stole my heart as a toddler. Now he’s 6! We started learning dinosaurs after he ran out of living animals to identify. He learned the alphabet and is now reading! He learned 1…2…3…Now he’s in the hundreds. He’s learned to train P-Nut and Buford. Dylan has grown into the most amazing little man I’ve ever met.

Flower Girl: Valentina Vega Campana

Val2014The beloved flower girl is the spitting image of my beautiful Maid of Honor, Natasha. Valentina is a sweet 5 year old dancer, gymnast, and singer! She’s inherited her mother’s talent and is an amazing swimmer too! Valentina and Dylan love Zoo Trips together and Bouncy Houses.

Keira Harley: Junior Bridesmaid


Keira is one of Patrick’s two favorite nieces. She has been the source of great joy to Patrick and Ashley as there is very little filter between her brain and mouth. She is already so sweet and motherly to any and all kids she meets. Keira has also been a major help putting together wedding decorations and she has been entrusted with arguably the most important wedding task: walking the dogs down the aisle.

P-nut Brauer: Ashley’s Bitch

P-Nut has been the apple of Ashley’s eye since she first rescued her from a puppy mill at just 7 weeks old. She has since become, quite possibly, the smartest, most well-behaved dog ever. She feeds herself, quietly fits in any purse, never has Buford-esqe “accidents” in the house, and will gladly warm any lap you provide. P-Nut is a trained medical service dog and can detect seizures (having already detected at least four as she works with Ashley.) P-Nut loves belly rubs and has offered to eat any wedding reception chicken you kindly leave under your table.

Buford O’Connor: Groomsdog

Twins BufordAshley found Buford wandering the streets in 2010 (one of many stray/injured animals she’s found) and brought him home to have him fixed and started searching for a “forever home.” Patrick and Buford became best buds. They go on daily walks together where Buford enjoys chasing squirrels, growling at people, and sniffing 400 blades of grass before he finds the right one to poop on. Buford is also Patrick’s loyal foot-warmer, nap partner and eater of dropped food. Buford and Patrick are so inseparable that Ashley now believes they may in fact share the same brain.


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November 2017