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Maid Of Honor: Natasha AlamNatasha

Natasha Alam has been my dear friend since I stepped foot in LA to model under NeXt Model Management. We had similar castings and the Metro was on strike, Arnold was being sworn in as “The Governator,” there were record temps in Hollywood, and fires burning all around in the hills. Being 19 years old, my first time not living within driving distance to mom and dad, in this strange land with 3-7 other girls in a one-bedroom model apartment… I was more than relieved to meet the beautiful Natasha Alam. She not only helped me get to and from my castings, but she taught me the ropes to modeling. She helped with hair, make-up, my runway walk, and brought me to the gym (where I sat in the steam room while she worked out)! She has been an amazing influence in my life and I couldn’t be standing here today if it weren’t for her! I love you Natasha!
Natasha is still modeling and acting. She has a beautiful 5 year old daughter, Valentina Vega Campana (see flower girl), and lives in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Aletia (Brauer) Meyers


My adoring cousin is one of the most loving and caring people I know. She’s a real trooper and has been through a lot. She and her husband, Joshua, live in Tucson, AZ. Aside from her beautiful height (6’2″) she’s beautiful inside and out. Always full of laughter and LOVES reading, she’s a smart and sweet bookworm I’ve had the honor to grow up with.

Chantale Walter


My amazing and worldly former roomie from Beverly Hills. Chantale is French- Canadian and lives in Montreal now. She worked at the Montage in Laguna Beach (where I lived for my first  year in California) and then was transferred to work at the new location in Beverly Hills. She came by to apply for the “roomie position” and we instantly became great friends. I turned the rest of the applicants away and said, “Sorry, The position has been filled by Cha Cha!”

Sara Nicholson


The best childhood memories spawned from my amazing friend / cousin-in-law, Sara. From performing skits for the family at the cottage in Northern Wisconsin to wine tasting in Malibu, she’s a huge staple in my life. We cried every time we had to part from the summers at the cottage – with our Beanie Babies, Ham Radios, Swings, Hammock Flips, or fishing from the dock. We have so much to cherish and remember. I hope one day we all reunite at the cottage!

Sara is a nurse at Stanford and just moved to San Fransisco this past year. She is the niece of my Uncle Scott and “Ant” Karla. We spent every August for over a decade at the cottage in Eagle River, WI. The cottage is still in the family and is a treasure full of memories of the greatest childhood times. Love you so much Sara!  (BTW— I no longer have to use a fake Ham Radio call sign,  I’m W9PUP!) 🙂

Shannon Ashlee McGee


An amazing dancer, singer, and all-around-niece! I’m lucky to marry into this family especially because I will be related to this gem! Shannon is a high school senior in Waconia, Minnesota. She is also my niece as of November 1st! (People say we look alike — though not blood-related). Shannon performs in Show Choir (it’s like Glee), teaches gymnastics, and is extremely creative. You have her to thank for many of the decorations! Love you mini-me! 🙂

Svetlana Chernobrovina


Lana and I started working together at CMgroup Marketing in Santa Monica. She started as an intern, quickly grew into my assistant and dear friend. She is a hard-working sweet heart! She just had her first baby (Leo) and is a beautiful person with a beautiful soul. One of Patrick and I’s first dates was dinner at Svetlana’s place! I love my Siberian Sister! 🙂

Tiffany Alkouri Tiff

Tiffany is my rock star friend. With her amazing voice and incredible style, she never ceases to amaze me. She sings for Fire Tiger and is a dear friend. I lived downstairs from Tiffany in Beverly Hills before she moved to the Hollywood Hills. Tiff is always there to help me with wardrobe, hair, and make-up.  She’s a brilliant singer and amazing friend.

 Xristina Bichay  X

Xristina “Tina” and I go way back. In 6th grade, her family finally settled in Rockford, Michigan after living in Greece, Montreal, and all over! I’ll never forget when we went to see “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and she laughed at all the jokes before the subtitles came up.

We graduated from Rockford High School, Class of 2002—I held up the entire graduating class with last names A – D because we had to stop for pasta from Pietro’s on Northland. After high school we went to our separate coasts. She went to Columbia for her Master’s in Social Work and is a great resource and advocate for the homeless in New York City. After High School, we started a tradition over Christmas Vacation to come home to Rockford and catch up on life while going on some fun TOWNIE ADVENTURES!



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